Our concept is quite similar to the Charm Hotel concept, emphasizing art, individuality, and interactivity elements. Always with few rooms, usually between 5 and 50 but with a complete leisure and services infrastructure that just a large hotel can offer, respecting and valuing by each guest choice and personality.

The idea is that the guest of a boutique hotel – just like the client of a boutique store – is entitled to use the whole infrastructure that a guest in a conventional hotel would have, with the exclusivity bonus as this is a hotel for few people. Charming facilities, with a unique architecture or installed in a historic building.

There must always be a creative and individual element about the property and services delivered. On decoration, a boutique hotel must be launch trends: to compose a mosaic of design or art objects – that in many properties are also sold to guests.

They provide sophisticated facilities and leisure infrastructure, mandatory elements to make a property to be a truly boutique hotel. Different, individual and, sometimes, thematic: these are the background elements to improve the guest’s experience, leading a stay into a unique and particularly pleasant experience.

In the other hand, interactivity must be unaffected and make the guest feels itself at their friend´s home or as the “owner of the place.”